Adobe photoshop cs, cc portable full versions aio [V20.0, V6.1]

Adobe photoshop cs, cc portable full versions aio [V20.0, V6.1]

vcgsoft provides the Adobe Photoshop CS, CC multilingual portable full versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as Adobe Photoshop Express Premium Edition paid full versions for Android.

What we provide you here is the Adobe Photoshop CC portable full registered versions with multiple languages support for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit OS (in-one package). It was made from the official trial installer, already activated and no registration required, without having to block the activation server, and will not bounce back to trial mode any more.

Besides, this portable full version entirely kept the official filter and special effect files, as well as various input/output support files. It can direct associate with official supported Photoshop specified file formats (.psd, .psb), does not contain any bondage and home page options, completely clean and clear.

BTW, the whole extraction progress is lengthy, and finally will cost several GBs’ disk space. So, need to pay some patience.

Adobe photoshop cs, cc portable full versions

// System Requirements //

// Use Instructions //

  1. Download and extract to use
  2. Do remember to install all versions of Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (especially 2013 and 2015)
  3. That’s all, enjoy!

*** If you encounter any errors, try to run the main program as administrator.

// Plugins //

Video Editorv16.1.1Download61.3 MB
Dictionariesv16.1.0Download24.4 MB
Camera Profilesv9.3.1Download98.3 MB
Lens Profilesv9.3.1Download5.34 MB
Color Profilesv16.1.0Download6.14 MB
PDFL Fontsv16.1Download38.4 MB

// Tips //

  • Language set by launcher according UserDefaultLang
  • To change, edit PhotoshopCS6Portable.ini with Language=”one of the extensions of tw10428 in App\PhotoshopCS6\Locales\en_US\Support Files” (Language=”” for en_US)
  • You can add plug-ins in App\PhotoshopCS6\Plug-ins

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

Photoshop CC
v20.0.464-bit764 MB
v19.1.6reserved263 MB | 300 MB
v19.0.064-bit601 MB
v18.1.1reserved519 MB
v18.0.1reserved507 MB
v17.0.0reserved436 MB
v16.1.2reserved431 MB
v16.0.0reserved486 MB
v14.2.1reserved357 MB
Photoshop CS6 (Extended)
v13.1.232-bit | 64-bit96.2 MB | 109 MB
v13.0.1reserved119 MB | 131 MB
Adobe Photoshop Express for Android (Premium Edition)
v5.9.571reserved68.9 MB | 70.9 MB | 71.4 MB
v6.1.592ARM86 | ARM64 | X8672.2 MB | 71.3 MB | 69.6 MB
  • (No Homepage)
  • If you need additional help, click here.


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