Adobe xd cc portable full versions aio [V24.2]

Adobe xd cc portable full versions aio [V24.2]

Adobe XD comes with a compact and clear UI, foolproof operation, perfect interface design, and the switching function of prototype interaction. It supports various sizes of devices, can seamlessly integrates with PhotoshopIllustratorSketch and so on Adobe products (for example: direct imports Sketch projects, direct copy and paste the proprietary file formats generated by Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC), supports sharing your design solutions in the process of development, provides sliding design feature for developing tablet PC applications or touch-enabled software.

Combining UI design and UX design together shows that Adobe XD aims to become the ultimate solution for UX/UI designers. For many designers, Adobe XD seems to be in the imitation of the classic and powerful Sketch, or it is just a combination of Sketch + InVision or Sketch + Craft (formerly known as Silver Flows), and wants to eventually replace them all. For example, most insiders know “Sketch + Flinto” this dream ticket, while Adobe XD has provided many notable features of them both at the same time, and allows user to switch between two operating modes within a single interface.

Adobe XD CC Portable

// Key Features //

  • Simple to begin
  • Elimination or minimization of designing efforts
  • Interactive Prototyping – Clarity of navigation between screens
  • Liquid working with drawing surfaces
  • Transitions
  • Easy to use UI kits for IOS, Android, and Windows App
  • Built to work on devices
  • Exact replication of repeatable components
  • Exporting files as per device necessary DPI
  • Sharing via link or video capture
  • Supports multiple target platforms
  • Allows live preview
  • Conveniently handle objects in the design and export assets for further use
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Ideal for interface designers
  • Design, prototype, share. All in XD
  • Smooth and speedy on Mac or PC
  • Eliminate tedious tasks with Repeat Grid
  • Fast, versatile artboards
  • Reimagined layers and symbols
  • Powerful tools that are easy to use
  • Beautiful experiences
  • Control and customize your experience
  • Get feedback faster to iterate faster
  • Preview on mobile devices

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Windows 10+

// Edition Statement //

vcgsoft provides the Adobe XD CC multilingual pre-activated versions for Windows 64-bit, and full installer along with unlock patch for Mac.

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// Download URLs //

for Windows
Setupv6.0.12reserved631 MB
Pre-Activatedv8.0.22reserved230 MB
v9.0.12reserved231 MB
v11.0.22reserved241 MB
v13.1.32reserved302 MB
v14.0.42reserved418 MB
v16.0.2reserved316 MB
v17.0.12reserved351 MB
v18.1.12reserved614 MB
v19.1.22reserved615 MB
v20.0.12reserved625 MB
v21.0.12reserved334 MB
v22.0.12reserved298 MB
v23.1.32reserved294 MB
v24.2.22Download309 MB
for Mac
Setup + Patchv7.0.12reserved544 MB
v13.1.32reserved429 MB
v17.0.12reserved435 MB
v18.2.12reserved433 MB
v19.0.22reserved440 MB
v20.0.12reserved436 MB
v21.2.12reserved456 MB
v23.1.32reserved378 MB
v24.2.22Download373 MB


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