Deep freeze – best reboot-to-restore solution for pc and server [V8.60, V6.20]

Deep freeze – best reboot-to-restore solution for pc and server [V8.60, V6.20]

Deep Freeze is a five-star system restore/recovery software solution developed by Faronics Corporation from United Kingdom. It can automatically and perfectly restore the system to its initial state (including all the original data and files inside) after each reboot of the system or in cycles, in order to protect the system from being altered. This way can well withstand viruses invasion, as well as intentional or unintentional damages made to the operating system (such as deleting files, installing software, changing system settings, etc.).

Deep Freeze can not only be used as a system backup & restore software for home users, but also help the computer administrator in enterprises and institutions save a lot of time and energy spending on maintaining the server/client system. Because it is able to simplify the system maintenance greatly. BTW, the installation of Deep Freeze does not affect the hard disk partition or operating system itself. Hence, just enjoy its easy installation, dynamic protection, real-time and instant restore, and especially the very simple operation.

Deep freeze

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License TypeLicense Key
Deep Freeze Enterprise
Deep Freeze Server Enterprise

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise Edition/Server Enterprise Edition multilingual full installers along with all versions universal license keys for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as full setups and universal key maker for Mac.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install Deep Freeze
  2. Use the corresponding license key above to finish installation
  3. Done!

// Prompts //

Only booting from the hard disk, can Deep Freeze protect your system well. Therefore, for security, you must put an end to start computer from a floppy disk, CD, USB, or other way. For doing this, you can set up in the BIOS to allow only booting from hard disk, and set up a BIOS access password to prevent others from changing the settings.

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for Windows
Deep Freeze Enterprise Edition
v8.38reserved43.6 MB
v8.57Download52.5 MB
v8.60Download53.9 MB
Deep Freeze Server Enterprise Edition
v8.38reserved43.6 MB
v8.53reserved43.6 MB
Deep Freeze for Mac
v6.20Download14.6 MB

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