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PLATFORM: Vcg supports you in setting up, expanding and managing a modern, resilient and scalable IT infrastructure.

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Are you ready for Microsoft 365?

With our intelligent, modular services we support you step by step – of course also with the implementation of Microsoft 365.

Experienced consultants show you in compact one to three-day workshops how to make the applications of Microsoft 365 the best possible for your company. The results of these sessions serve as a well-founded basis for further strategic decisions.


Currently we offer the following Readiness Services:

Exchange Migration with support for transition of the e-mail mailbox

Exchange Hybridlösung


We offer a range of fixed-price solutions for your migration from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online with no third-party migration tools, by updating and leveraging your local Exchange enterprise infrastructure.


Exchange Migration with Support for Transition of the
email mailbox


Migrating from Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 to Exchange Online is difficult as data integrity and system stability must be maintained.

Vcg Services supports your business with a comprehensive migration plan, including the installation, configuration, and migration of the email in Exchange Online.

Exchange hybrid solution

Vcg Solutions helps you successfully upgrade your existing local Exchange infrastructure and connect to Exchange Online.

The key benefits of a hybrid solution are “extended coexistence” between users in the cloud and those left on the local servers, such as the ability to view dead and busy days in the diary, and secure email traffic between the two environments.

Main Components

  • Basic Training Exchange Online
  • Setting up and configuring the Exchange Online Portals
  • Establishment of the Public Domain – DNS
  • Configuration of User and distribution list
  • Documentation

 Main Components

  • Basic Training of Exchange Online
  • Setup and configuration of the Exchange Online Portals
  • Establishment of the Public Domain – DNS
  • Request and setup of required certificates
  • Hybrid installation and documentation of Exchange

Migration Services

  • Current Active Directory
  • Approximately up to 2 GB per e-mail inbox
  • Access to the public domain provider
  • Access to the firewall with administrative rights


  • Current Active Directory
  • Current Exchange-Organisation

Exchange Migration Services

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