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v2.24 Avira Phantom Vpn – Avira’s Anonymous, Secure, Fast And Free Vpn

It is well known that Internet is full of tracking software, advertising, and guys who are monitoring and collecting other people’s data for various purposes. In other words, as long as it’s on the Internet, you can be exposed to risk at any time. In addition, some websites may block or restrict your access depending on the IP address of your location (you must have encountered such situation: a website just shows you with 403 error). In these cases, using a VPN is the best solution at the moment.

Avira Phantom VPN is a free, cross-platform virtual private network (VPN) solution developed by Avira Virus Lab from Germany, which comes with a military-grade encryption protection measure, as well as the foolproof installation and use without any configuration required. It enables users to unblock the restricted services or websites by selecting and using the IP addresses of other unblocked or uncensored nations/regions; lets you securely browse the Internet in an anonymous manner (even in the open/public WiFi hotspots, there is no need to worry about anything); and prevents hackers from stealing your communications data.

In short, Avira Phantom VPN can ensure that your real IP address is hidden, not hacked, not tracked, and not subject to the censorship from any websites. That’s to say, you will be able to surf the Internet securely and anonymously, and to keep your online activities private and hidden from your local ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Avira Phantom VPN

// Key Features //

Web anonymityChanges your IP address
Secure encryptionProtects your private communications
Unblock contentWatch your favorite shows from anywhere
Fast VPNRuns silently in the background
No logsAvira does not monitor what websites you visit
Easy to useOn. Off. On. Off. It’s that simple
Simultaneous connectionsConnect as many devices as you like
Unlimited data usageFor premium customers
Free Tech SupportFor premium customers
Automatically secures untrusted networksFor premium customers
Masks IP addressConnect from any of our servers in 36 locations

// Main Applications //

  • Listen to music without restrictions
  • Access censored social networks
  • Watch films and TV shows from anywhere
  • Prevent advertisers from targeting you
  • Defeat ISP throttling
  • Select a coffee and secure WiFi to go
  • Easily check for better deals
  • Why stop at one, when you can have them all?

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

vcgsoft provides the Avira Phantom VPN Pro Edition multilingual full installers and v2.x universal unlock patches Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v2.18+:

  1. Download and install Avira Phantom VPN free edition
  2. Run the unlock path ‘AviravpnPro 2.x.exe‘ as administrator and wait
  3. Done

for v2.15+:

  1. Download and install Avira Phantom VPN free edition
  2. Run ‘Stop Service.exe
  3. Copy the unlocked files to “C:\ProgramData\Avira\VPN\”
  4. Run ‘Start Service.exe
  5. Done

for v2.12:

  1. Download and install Avira Phantom VPN free edition
  2. Copy the universal unlock patch ‘AviravpnPro 2.x.exe’ to installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\VPN), then run it and wait for Avira Phantom VPN to start
  3. Done

*** You only need to run the unlock patch once, then you can upgrade to a new version (2.x) without re-running it.

*** If Avira Phantom VPN disconnects, just simply re-run the unlock patch.

// Warning //

The unlock patches might be reported as Threat: Win32:Malware-gen threat with high severity. Use VirusTotal to make a full, authoritative scan.

*** Please remember: antivirus software is not always right, just be careful.

// Download URLs //

Free EditionLatestDownloadn/a
Pro Editionv2.08reservedn/a


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